My Morning with a newbie continued

I am so sorry for leaving you hanging. To continue, my new client arrived right on time. I led him to the appointment room and told him to undress and kneel on the floor. I pointed to the tools I had laid out on the bedside table. I’m going to alternate between each of these, starting with the cat. I need you to give me a safe word. I told him we could use the standard red, yellow and green or he could make up his own. Ultimately, he is in control, as I follow these codes to the letter. He was so nervous he was shivering. His cock was standing at attention and rock hard. He went with the standard. I led him to the four poster bed and told him to lay on his stomach. I tied his hands and legs to each post. I made sure he was secure but not too tight. I didn’t want him to be too uncomfortable. I gazed down the length of his taut body. He was every woman’s dream. Tall; thick, black hair; muscled, tan body. And for the next hour, all mine to do with as I pleased. I smiled wickedly.

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