My newbie, Bound in Desire

I decided to warm up my new plaything with a sensual massage. I warmed some soothing oil in my palms and smoothed it all over his toned body. I felt his skin quiver under my fingertips. He was still very nervous. Shhh, I whispered to him as I told him he ha nothing to fear. This was going to be fun. Once I felt his muscles relax, I stopped the massage and picked up my flogger. I love this tool because I can really vary the sensation. I lightly ran it down the length of him giving him a tickling to begin his journey. Then I began swinging my flogger in my favorite figure 8, starting out with light strikes across his body. As I picked up the rhythm my blows landed harder, reddening his skin deliciously. I heard him moan as the strands lashed across his ass and the back of his balls. It was a definite sound of pleasure. I covered him in stripes from the tops of his shoulders all the way down to his feet. My little puppy begged for more.

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