My Newbie:Fantasy Fulfilled

My Newbie: Fantasy Fulfilled

I continued working my finger in and out of his asshole as I felt it loosening. I curled the finger up and found his prostate. I rubbed the sensitive area as his moans increased. “I think you really like this,” I chuckled. I withdrew my finger and removed my glove. It was time to increase his pleasure but not without a little more pain. I picked up my ball clamps and showed them to him. “I’m going to fasten these to you now. Get Ready.” I attached a clamp to each ball and he made a little groaning sound but he seemed like he was handling it just fine. I had him roll over onto his back so that I would now have easy access to his cock. His restraints moved with him as he made himself comfortable. I noticed his cock standing at attention. My new toy was definitely enjoying himself. Taking up my riding crop, I swatted him down the length of his penis to it’s base, varying the pressure. He let out a few grunts but still no safe word. “How are you doing? He assured me he was still at a green. Green means go so on we went. I spied my vibrating prostate massager and decided it was time to insert it in his asshole. I slowly pushed it into him, listening to the sounds of his breathing. He was beginning to pant. Once it was all the way inside my boy toy, I took the flogger back in my grip and swung it again, making sure to lash it across his rigid dick. Between the vibrator and the flogger, my little puppy cried, “Oh Yes! Mistress Victory that feels amazing! May I please have more?” I walked to where his head was laying on the bed and ran my fingers through his thick, black hair. He stared up at me with wonder in his ocean blue eyes. Of course he could. He was being such a good boy and I told him so. I continued striking him across his chest, groin and down to his feet. I increased the speed of the vibrator. I watched his eyes widen. I had really enjoyed my new pet and it was time for his reward. This was a beginner’s introduction to BDSM. I thought I had gone far enough for his first time and he handled the pain very well. I admired the stripes I made on his skin. The perfect shade of red. The vibrator whirred and my pet drooled as I took his cock in my hands. They were now lubricated with warming oil. A few long strokes and he was screaming as he showed me just how much he appreciated my time. He was most certainly welcome to come back again. I hope you continue reading as I introduce you to more of my subs.


Mistress Victory

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