A Little Torture in the Morning

My Submissive Housekeeper

Oh What Fun!

I got a call from an older gentleman this morning. He was a new client and he asked if he could make an appointment to clean my house while being punished. He also wanted some verbal humiliation. It sounded fun to me so we set the time for 11:00 a.m. I picked out my outfit and made sure to wear my knee high boots with the spiked heels. The client had mentioned that he loved being stepped and stomped on. I was prepared to give him exactly what he asked for.

The client arrived about five minutes early. I opened the door to find a white haired man about 5’5″ tall. He had curly hair that framed a cherubic face. His round belly jiggled as he shifted from one foot to the other nervously. He smiled impishly. I thought to myself, “This one is going to be a hand full. Once he was inside and kneeling before me, he asked if he could use the restroom to change into his cleaning uniform. He was gone a good 15 minutes and when he came out I laughed so hard I almost choked. He was wearing a French maid’s uniform complete with the frilly apron and garters. He had also donned a wig and make-up. His eyelids were covered in a gaudy blue. His chubby cheeks were made rosier by his bright blush, and his lips were smeared with hooker red. He wore black stockings and black mary-jane shoes. He was a sight to see.

He grinned and asked if he could please begin scrubbing my kitchen floor on his hands and knees. I nodded as I reached for my flogger. It always feels so good in my hands. I followed behind him as he crawled across my tile floor. Twirling my favorite means of punishment in that familiar pattern, I lashed him across his back. Over and over, I whipped him hard. I told him he was lazyand disgusting. Not worthy to lick my boots.Yes Mistress Victory!” he shouted. But then he giggled. What are you laughing at you worthless dog!,”I ground out between clenched teeth. That was definitely a mistake. He had made me angry. I stepped on his lower back with my heels, really digging in.Was that funny?” I asked as I did it again. This time he lowered his head and with just a little fear in his voice he replied that it was not.

Properly chastened he returned to his cleaning. He did it all on his hands and knees, whether it was dusting the furniture or cleaning the floor. I decided that he needed some real pain so I took up my chain whip. I told him, “This is going to hurt.” I told him he had earned it and he certainly deserved it. I called him a dog. I suggested that he take a look at the ridiculous picture he made in his maid’s outfit. He panted and I spied a devilish grin. He enjoyed being humiliated and he would purposely annoy me just so I would continue insulting him and hurt him more. I rained down the torture as the long, chain ropes colored his body with red. He begged me to give him more as his skin grew brighter.

I made it clear he wasn’t worth my touch. I demanded that he pull down his black panties and grab his cock. I ordered him to massage himself up and down. Then I insisted that he masterbate himself to completion. “On the floor!” I snapped as I heard him nearing the end. He moaned loudly as he finished and coated the floor in his spunk. “Now lick it up!” I challenged. He eagerly crawled to his load and lapped up every drop. He cleaned the spot with his Spic and Span erasing all evidence of what he had done. I looked around the room. The sub had done a great job. It was spotless. A fun time and a tidy kitchen. What more could a Dominatrix ask for on a Monday morning?


Mistress Victory

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