Pain and Pancakes

Make him Say Ow!

Early this morning I got a call from a gentleman looking for a Dominatrix in his area. He had visited a few while on vacation in other states but couldn’t find someone he vibed with nearby. Finally a friend mentioned hearing about me. He was excited and immediately gave me a ring. During his telephone interview he told me he loved intense pain and also wanted to explore forced bisexuality. He was very interested in exploring interactions with other men but his upbringing wouldn’t allow him to relax and discover this new world. He felt forced bi from a sexy Dominatrix might enable him to give in to this fantasy. We discussed his limits, set his safe words, and scheduled his arrival time. I prepared my dungeon, so to speak; and piled my waist long curls on top of my head. It was time to get to work.

At the appointed time I opened my door and looked up. There stood a giant of a man. I’m guessing he was close to 7 feet tall. His wavy hair was salt and pepper, turning a steel gray. His blue eyes were framed with horn-rimmed glasses. He wore a blue and white plaid dress shirt and khakis. Stepping inside he fell to his knees. With eyes cast appropriately downward, he said, “Mistress Victory, I’m honored to meet you. You don’t know how long I’ve waited for this.”

I nodded, told him to rise and led him to the torture room. I ordered him to undress and lay across the four-poster bed. I fastened his restraints and made sure he was comfortable. We had discussed using my flogger, leather cat of nine tails, my chain whip, and my little electric shock paddle. He also requested clothes pins be placed all over his body in addition to the usual nipple, ball and cock clamps. We decided to postpone candle waxing for another day, as that’s a more relaxing activity for him. Today he was looking for strong pain.

I attached old-fashioned clothes pins all down both sides of his body. I also applied them to his cock and balls. I heard a mild intake of breath, but that was all. So far, so good. I pinched the skin on his ass and placed the pins on there as well. He didn’t make a sound. He was being such a good boy. I went on, placing the pins all over him. I looked at my work. He was covered from head to toe in little wooden pins. I checked in to see how he was feeling. All green. Green means go.

Just let me say that as a Dominatrix and a BDSM Professional I do realize I should be referring to my subs in the lower case, but as a true lover of English Grammar, I can’t make myself do it. Please stay tuned for more of our venture in pain.


Mistress Victory 😉

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