Pain and Pancakes Continued


Welcome back to my blog. Let me continue telling you about this man who loves pain for breakfast. He divulged to me on the phone that he hates body hair. He had waxed himself from neck to toes. Now his smooth form was covered in clothes pins. He was rather toned for a man his age. I admired my handiwork. It was time for a little more fun.

He was laying on his stomach. I squirted lube in my hands. My pain slut had cleaned himself well with an enema as instructed. I pushed first, one finger; deep inside his asshole. Then a couple more. I wanted to loosen the tight ring of his anus. I felt for his prostate. I massaged it for him as he adjusted to the new sensations. He moaned as I moved my fingers in that upward motion. Withdrawing my digits, I replaced them with a fat, prostate vibrator. I made sure it was securely in place. I didn’t want it coming out once the torture began. He sighed with pleasure. He was loving this already.

I warmed him up with my flogger, twirling it in that good old, figure eight. I love how flexible it is. Varying the strength of my lashes, I alternated from light swipes across his body to hard strikes that caused a rosy glow. I laid down the flogger and took up the cat for more direct, concentrated blows. I punished his shoulders, buttocks, back of his balls, backs of his thighs and the soles of his feet. He cried in lovely anguish but didn’t safe word. His muscles tightened. He sang, “Yes! Yes! Yes! Mistress Victory! I am your slave! Of course I already knew that. I chuckled. “It’s going to get better.” I winked at my new pet. I grabbed the chain whip. I adored the heft of it in my grip. I rotated it with my wrist. I walked by his face so he could see. He noted the metal tresses and his eyes rolled back. His anticipation was palpable. He held his breath, waiting for the torment to begin.

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I rained steel locks all over him, wielding blows with delicious cruelty. I ignored his cries as welts appeared on his skin. I took a moment to run my fingers through his hair and lick away his tears. He smiled for a second, then exhaled loudly. I paused, giving him time to adjust. When I observed his muscles relax and his breath deepen, I resumed my torture. I decorated his form with weals and dark red stripes. He keened my name like a mantra. The vibrator whirred in his ass. He was deep in sub space.

It was time for a little massage. I bathed my hands in a special blend I’d made just for this occasion. The main ingredient: peppermint oil. Starting at his neck, I kneaded the mixture into his skin. “You’ll feel a warm tingling,” I told him as I coated him with the tincture. I rubbed the peppermint into his raised flesh. He groaned in stinging pleasure. “Do you like the flames licking your body?”, I asked as I squeezed his buttocks. I’d been particularly rough on the globes. The peppermint burned into his crevices. He sighed beneath my fingers, melting into the mattress.

It was time for the finale. He’d made a special request for my tiny shock racket. It’s just an average bug killer you can pick up at any Lowes or Walmart. It packs a wallop though. I paddled his bottom, electrifying his shanks. He loved it. “Oh! Oh! Oh!” he yelled. I rolled him over, onto his back. His cock was standing at attention. I pummeled it with my racket. “God yes!” he screamed. I picked up my riding crop in my left hand. I spanked his balls and the base of his penis. He panted louder as I switched from the racket to the crop. Back and forth, my right hand brandishing the racket and the left, my crop. The veins on his manhood bulged. One last whack with the crop and his dick exploded, spilling across his stomach and chest. I cleaned him with a warm wash cloth. I released him from his shackles. I cuddled him in my arms as he folded himself into a fetal position. He whispered, “That was the best experience of my life. By the way, I’m an excellent chef. May I make you some pancakes?”

I hope you enjoyed reading about our time together. Keep visiting and Spread the Word!


Mistress Victory

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