A Couple of subs for Dinner

A Married Couple

Find Out What Happens

I received a call yesterday from a married couple visiting the area. They were referred to me by one of their friends. The two had been high school sweethearts, married 20 years. The problem was they’re both very submissive people. They were looking for some excitement and someone to take charge. They wanted some light punishment, Domination and a little bondage. Maybe a few more new things to add some spice. I assured them they’d made the right call. We set the time for 6 p.m.

The couple knocked on my door at 6:00 sharp. I guessed they were both in their forties. He was tall with reddish brown hair. She was short and petite. Her black hair lay across her shoulders in soft waves. She was curvy with an hourglass figure. Her skin was pale. She bounced a little on her toes as she watched me assess her. She was clearly nervous. He seemed a bit more comfortable. I noticed him run his hand through his thick mane. He’d worn dark jeans over muscular thighs. A tight blue t-shirt completed his look. She picked at a thread on her short white dress. They were an attractive pair. I smiled to put them more at ease. “Come in and let the games begin”

Once we were all in my favorite playroom I ordered them to undress each other. Giggling like they were back in high school, the two disrobed. Their eyes glowed as they watched each other. Their fantasy was becoming real and they were excited. I pointed to the bed. I told them to lay down on their stomachs, side by side; facing each other. I shackled them to the frame with their hands linked together. I began with some punishment to warm them up. I was going for sweet stings to heat the skin and a rosy blush. “Stare into your partner’s eyes and immerse yourself in the sensations.I used the flogger for long, sweeping swipes across their frames. Then I dangled the strands over them, tickling their intimate parts. I listened as their soft sighs increased to low moans. Their gazes locked, mouths open in ecstasy. I rotated the cat for more direct strikes to their buttocks and the backs of their feet. I was ready to roll them over.

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I positioned them on their backs. Once again, I directed them to face each other and hold hands. I massaged soothing oil into their skin. I moved from body to body, kneading their flesh. I squeezed her ample breasts, probably D cups like mine; pinching her nipples. Her eyes rolled back a bit but she kept her gaze fixed on her husband. I clutched his balls, rolling the testicles in his sack. He groaned and his cock stood rigid. He tried to turn his head to look my way, but I quickly slapped him back into place. “Focus on her, not me!” I snapped. I crushed his nuts in my hand to emphasize my point. Getting back to the matter at hand, I demanded, “Spread your legs wide.” The couple hitched their breaths. His dick grew harder. Wetness dripped from her pussy. Time to spice things up.

I know you want to discover more about this passionate interlude. Stay tuned. Dinner isn’t over and Dessert is yet to come.


Mistress Victory

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