A Couple of boys Come to Play

Forced by Desire, Led bi Temptation

I used that caption on the cover because I want to make myself very clear about something before I begin this tale. I have a lot of men call asking for something they refer to as “forced bi”. Okay, I know that’s a term that makes what they want clear; quickly and concisely. I have to say, I can make you suck a dick but I cannot make you enjoy it. If you are a man who imagines a cock in your mouth you might be bi. It’s that simple. It would be the best for both of us if you go ahead and admit that to yourself now. I will definitely make you admit it when you’re in my torture chamber/playroom. That being said, I have a couple of subs who’d expressed fantasies about being with another man. They were tempted by their desires but couldn’t give themselves permission to indulge. Both of these men wanted to be forced to submit to their darkest dreams. Let me tell you about the afternoon I set up a play date between two of my male subs while I supervised. I think you’ll find it entertaining.

They arrived around the same time. I opened my door to find them shifting from foot to foot and looking at each other warily. “Don’t say a word to each other and come inside,” I ordered. They humbly obeyed, dropping to their knees as trained. They were two of my most obedient playthings. Over and over, session after session, they both would beg me to put dildos in their mouths while punishing them. It was time for them to taste the real thing. They were gonna love it.

On the phone I told them to wear their collars. Now I attached their leashes and walked them into the playroom. I have a rather large dungeon. It features two St. Andrew’s crosses. They were special orders made by a pet who excels at woodworking. They are works of art I can manipulate at will. With the turn of a wheel I can invert my subs, literally turning the tables πŸ˜„. I moved the crosses so they were facing. Then I ordered each of my subs to assume their positions as I secured them tightly. This way they could watch each other as I alternated between them. I have an attached an image of a great St. Andrews Cross you can find on Etsy but the average person doesn’t have room in their house for such a large piece of equipment. At the end of this post I promise I will show you links where you can find items just as fun that can be used in any home.

Sub number one, I’m going to call puppy. Puppy is tall and lanky. He is around 60 with wavy gray hair and a thick mustache. He kind of reminds me of Sam Elliott but he truly is a faithful and loyal subject. His soulful brown eyes gazed into mine for a second before he dutifully cast them down as I attached head gear equipped with a dildo gag to his face. I love a wonderful store called Secrexy. You can find everything you need there. Then I reached for his beautiful snake head shaped chastity cage. I also found this thing of beauty on Secrexy. I placed his cock in its cage then moved on to sub number two.

I’m going to call sub number two kitten. He is around 55, short and squat. He is kind of roly-poly and playful. I often have to give him extra swats because he is adept at bucking the rules, just like a cat. I caught a sly smirk before he looked away as I fastened his ball gag. I gave his penis an extra hard squeeze before locking it away in it’s own gilded cell. I pinched his love handles and said, “I saw that.” I noticed his grin as I walked in front of them and picked up my first weapon. “Okay bitches. Let’s play.”

Stay tuned for more. Here are some great links to some super fun stuff on Secrexy.com:https://www.shareasale.com/u.cfm?d=570139&m=81369&u=2211034<a href=”http://<a target=”_blank” href=”https://shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=1257450&u=2211034&m=81369&urllink=&afftrack=”><img src=”https://static.shareasale.com/image/81369/Secrexy-yemian-180828-336×280-luoshaolan.jpg&#8221; border=”0″ />http://<a target=”_blank” href=”https://shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=1257450&u=2211034&m=81369&urllink=&afftrack=”><img src=”https://static.shareasale.com/image/81369/Secrexy-yemian-180828-336×280-luoshaolan.jpg&#8221; border=”0″ /></a>

When I come back I am going to tell you all about what happens with these too playthings. I’m sorry for being away so long. Readers have asked me to tell about their experiences with me so I am working on those and I promise I will get to everyone. I have also been asked to develop a way that followers can order audio recordings of my posts. ” If only we could hear you read these stories,” they tell me. I’m going to figure that one out too. So grow with me and I guarantee fun awaits.


Mistress Victory

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