The prince of Darkness meets the Mistress of the Night

Such a Happy Halloween!

A few days before my favorite day, Halloween, I got a call just before midnight. A deep, sexy voice crooned, “May I speak with Mistress Victory?” I’m not gonna lie. I was instantly wet. After I confirmed he had the right person on the line, he went on to explain he was in town for a concert. He was the lead singer of a Goth, Metal band. His band was finally getting some recognition and it was an important show. He was more than a little stressed out. When home, he made regular visits to his local Dominatrix. After asking around, he’d been directed my way. We made plans for the evening of October 31, a few hours before dress rehearsal. If he had a few extra cuts and bruises, no one would notice. It would just add to his stage persona. If he looked half as good as he sounded, I was in for a treat.

He arrived early. He stood at my door, dressed in black from head to toe. Oh and what a head it was! A face of an angel framed in ebony hair flowing past his waist. His eyes were a greenish hazel with lashes any woman would envy. His skin was pale and creamy. I couldn’t wait to see more. I invited him inside. Without a word he followed me to the playroom. After our phone conversation I knew I wanted him sprawled out where I could crawl all over him If I so desired. I had prepared the four poster bed in advance. His restraints were waiting.

Candles lit the room, casting just the right amount of shadow. Today I chose midnight blue satin sheets. Velvet cuffs garnished each post. During our pre-interview we discussed bondage, whips and chains, hot wax, fingernails, light bloodletting and Goddess sitting. My tools were arranged on the bed-side table. I told him to undress and lay face down. With clothes removed he was the image of male beauty. If only I could paint. His body was perfection. I closed the cuffs around his wrists and ankles. I ran my hands through the silk of his hair and down the curves of his form, raking my nails across his muscular ass. I whispered, “It’s time to begin.

I couldn’t resist. I had to tangle my hands in those jet black locks one more time. Pulling his hair, I drew his face towards mine. He hadn’t spoken a word but his eyes said it all. Flames danced behind the green flecks. I had no doubt he wanted this as much as I did. I covered the blaze with a satin mask. My fingernails danced along his body sending goosebumps down his skin. Upon reaching his toes, I travelled back up his calves, thighs, ass; massaging my way forward. I kneaded his muscles with expert deep tissue massage. I felt him relax under my fingers. Reaching his neck, I worked on the knots causing his tension. He sighed as his bones melted into the mattress. Time to change things up.

I grabbed my new glitzy flogger with the bling I so love. I twirled it in my favorite figure 8 pattern, laying down light stings just to warm him up. Then for a more intense strike I employed my long winding bull whip. Red stripes bloomed across his torso. I smiled at the sight. A few bats with the bamboo beater and his back and buttocks blossomed into a rosy garden. Still not a word. Just deep breathing and satisfied sighs. My chain whip trickled down his legs and back up his bottom. I stopped and gave his ass a few good squeezes. It was just so delicious. Now the tickle of the cold metal changed to a bite as I flogged him with purpose. I wanted more than red stripes. The goal was to break skin. Just a little bit. This guy lived dangerously. He routinely suspended himself from hooks to relieve stress. A few hard blows weren’t going to do the trick for him. I went back to my split tip bull whip. It was just the thing. A few snaps more and the rivelets appeared, the crimson calling me. I licked it away, while I treated my fingers to a trip between his thighs. I grazed his taint, balls and base of his cock with my nails. He was so yummy. Finally he whispered like a prayer, “My Goddess Mistress Victory.”

It was time to roll him onto his back. I removed his mask. I needed to see the fire in his eyes. Taste his luscious lips. For a moment we just stared at each other…

If you want to know what happens next, stay tuned for my next post. Check out the cool spanking bench I found for you guys. All the fun in the comfort of your own home. Also, I know you know the name Liberator. No one compares to Liberator when it comes to comfortable at home sex furniture. The chaise I discovered is amazing. I want to hear from more of you. Let’s make this fun. My little subbies tell me they are reading but they won’t make their presence known. Come out, come out, wherever you are!


Mistress Victory
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5 thoughts on “The prince of Darkness meets the Mistress of the Night

  1. Greetings and salutations,
    I apologize for not commenting earlier.
    My Dominant came in for the long weekend. You could say I was tied up.
    I found your post to be quite adventurous and delicious. Delving into the dark side of BDSM takes knowledge and skill. It’s certainly not for the feint of Hart. Again kudos on your writing skills.
    Best regards,

    1. Nice Jeffrey! I hope you had a wonderful weekend with your Dom and that you behaved yourself, lol. Thank you again for your glowing comments. I always love hearing from you. I am working on finishing that tale now and I believe you will enjoy the ending.
      All my love,
      Mistress Victory

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