The prince of Darkness pleases his Goddess


When I left you lovely readers, my gorgeous prince was on his back, hands and feet cuffed to my four-poster bed. Our eyes locked in passion. I spread his glossy black hair like a fan across the satin sheets. His pale skin glowed with perspiration. Energy pulsed the room like a bass drum. The fire blazed in those hazel orbs. I ran my fingers down his luscious body, pausing to grip his muscled thighs. “MMMM”, I uttered before traveling to his toes. I fingered the arches with my nails. He tried to jerk away but was prevented by his restraints. Still he was quiet. I chuckled to myself. Someone is ticklish.

I selected my Wartenberg wheel. I rolled the metal up his legs, over his thighs, along that hard cock greeting me at attention. The wheel moved across his six-pack abs, journeying to his erect nipples. I zinged the teeth over the sensitive flesh. From the corner of my eye I saw his dick jerk. Good for me :). A little more flogging to color his skin that perfect rose. Japanese drip candles lit the fuse with their warming rain.

Double your Pleasure, Double your fun

It was time to turn up the intensity. I grabbed some toys to notch up his pleasure. First I chose my remote controlled rotating butt plug. I slowly pushed it inside him, keeping it on a slow steady vibe. His eyes bulged as his body adjusted to the new sensation. I watched him carefully. I waited for the subtle tells that he was relaxing into the moment. His breathing steadied. The rise and fall of his chest slowed, surrendering in bliss. I moved closer to his handsome face. I showed him the knife in my hand. My new shiny and beautifully crafted athame. The jeweled hilt glistened as I turned it for him to see. I unsheathed the sterile blade. He understood he was at the mercy of a strong woman with a weapon. The flames danced in those hazel orbs. The cold steel cooled his fire as the flat of the dagger caressed his form. His heartbeat quickened as I grazed his abdomen with the sharp edge. I gently pressed the point to the side of his throbbing carotid arterery. The slow trickle of blood wound it’s way down his frame in a crimson stream. He moaned my name. “Mistress Victory”, he prayed in supplication.

I crawled onto the bed and positioned myself over his face. I crouched low so he’d have a delicious view of heaven’s gate but he couldn’t touch if he tried. It’s the best psychological tease ever. His Goddess sitting just above him but forever out of reach. I knotched up the vibrations of his prostate massager. Now I sheathed his pulsing penis in the palm of my other hand. I massaged his yummy cock lovingly. He chanted my name like a true believer. Soon he erupted like a volcano, bathing his torso in his own hot magma. I moved to his side and kneaded his head, soothing him as his body calmed. I removed his plug, then released him from his bondage. I cleaned him up crooning praises about what a good boy he’d been. He curled himself against me and we spooned for a while. I stroked his ebony locks. You, my dark prince, may worship me anytime.

I hope you enjoyed the conclusion of my evening with the prince of Darkness. All of the items I showed you today, except the athame; can be found on Everyone knows Adam and Eve. They have been around forever and you can rely on them for good, affordable fantasy fulfillment. Please keep reading and feel free to comment. I love hearing from you.


Mistress Victory

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  1. Once again you made me smile with your fluid prose. Please do continue with your writing.
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