Hypnosis with cameron

If This Happens in Real Life, Call the Cops! 😉

I mentioned in a previous post one of my faithful subs asked me to tell his story. He requested a session where I am a Psychotherapist he visited for help to quit smoking. While under hypnosis, I take advantage of my power position and make him do all sorts of things. It was super fun and satisfying for both of us. The key to BDSM Hypnosis: You must have complete trust in your Domme or it will not work. If you surrender to the experience, you will find true bliss. Though this was a role play I’m going to present it to you in the narrative. Let’s see what happens. The Doctor is in 😁

Doctor Von Stryker is in her office preparing for her next patient, a 35 yr old male with a chain-smoking habit. He’s coming in for Hypnosis today as his preferred method of treatment. The Doctor crosses her legs as she reflects on their last appointment. She reads a note she made for herself after his session. ( Patient X has a tendency to speak inappropriately. Needs to be taught a lesson). She giggled internally. That’s a note she doesn’t want her fellow Physicians to read, nevertheless; it was true. Time after Time, over and over. She was a leader in her field, a Master at helping others conquer inner demons. Still, some guy would call her doll or honey or sweetheart, as if it was his genuine right. It never ceased to amaze. This time Dr. Von Stryker had a plan to get even. Oh she would still lead him out of his haze of nicotine addiction, but there would be a few changes to his treatment. She smiled wickedly. Just then, he knocked on the door. The Doctor rose, smoothing her black pencil skirt. She welcomed her client in her Professional manner, directing him to the leather chaise.

Her patient, let’s call him Cameron; sank back into the buttery softness. “Looking good, Doc. I like that skirt.” That’s 1, thought Dr. Von Stryker. Outwardly, she ignored him, seating herself in her favorite chair. “Let’s get started, Cameron. How did you do with your journal this week?” She raised one brow, tapping her pen lightly on her knee. “Nice legs, doll,” quipped Cameron. Ignoring the Doctor’s disapproving scowl, he said, “Well Doc, it’s like this. I cut back from 4 packs a day to 3 last week but I forgot to write it down.” That’s 2. Victory checked another imaginary box. She took a minute to re-center. This man was seriously trying her patience. “So, what I’m hearing is you made some progress but you neglected to do your homework.” The Doctor brandished her pen, stopping to write in her note pad. She chided, “We’re going to have to address this need of yours to avoid doing the work.” Appropriately chastened, Cameron hung his head. “Sorry Doc.” “That’s better”, she smirked. He missed her evil grin, settling deeper into his snug berth.

If he knew the surprises hidden below, he might not have relaxed so easily. His brain, trained to respond to Dr. Von Stryker’s soothing tones, began it’s subtle shut down.Now Cameron, remember to focus your gaze on the Prism directly in front of you. Let your mind go and listen to your breathing.” Victory led him through each step, asking for his consent and submission to her control. He gave it willingly, with complete trust in Doctor Von Stryker. They followed their normal routine. He pictured the poison label with skull and cross bones. All the usual stuff. His spirit floated, deeply entranced. She had him right where she wanted him.Cameron, can you hear me?” she whispered in his ear. He nodded, melting into the leather. “How do you feel? Where is your comfort level?” “I feel great, Doc. More rested than I have in weeks.” His chest rose and fell with each healing breath.That’s a good boy,” she praised. “I want you to take off your clothes and lie back down. Will you do that for me, Cameron?” He inhaled sharply, but without hesitation he disrobed, dropping his clothes on the floor. Quickly he resumed his supine position, his body on display before her. She circled the chaise, examining his frame from top to bottom. She patted his head, indicating her approval. She went so far as to open his mouth, inspecting his teeth and gums. Her right hand travelled the length of his body, gripping his muscled calf, eyeing his growing cock. “Nice specimen. Excellent lines. Quite the fine stallion. Your arms are heavy. Why don’t you drop them by your sides?” His hands fell like bricks. The Doctor revealed the restraints beneath him. Soon Cameron was shackled, completely exposed and at the mercy of Dr. Victory Von Stryker. The Doctor straddled her helpless client. “Now”, she crooned. “Let’s get to work”….

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Mistress Victory

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