Hypnosis with Cameron continued

Victory puts cameron in his Proper Place


When I left you fine folks hanging, the Doctor had inspected Cameron from head to toe. She straddled him on a soft, luxurious chaise from liberator.com. She unlocked hidden treasures and cuffed him in place. He was completely helpless and at her mercy. Let me tell you about Cameron’s beauty. He’s several inches above 6′ tall. His hair is thick and golden like the sun. His eyes are brilliant turquoise pools. His skin is tanned and flawless. He’s perfectly sculpted with the lean thighs of a runner. His cock, when erect is 10 inches and as thick as a fist. He’s the ideal plaything. At this moment he belongs completely to Dr. Von Stryker. Don’t forget this was a role playing session. I know all of his soft and hard limits. I understand what he can handle. He’s aware that at any time he can slow things down or stop the session completely with a word or a gesture. Let’s continue:

The Doctor stripped off her blood red blouse, revealing a black lace bra. She flung that away as well. She hiked her skirt higher. Her natural D cups swayed as she dug her knees into his sides. Rising over his supine form, Victory palmed his cheek, then turned his face to hers. “I’m taking a firmer hand with you Cameron. Today we’re going in a new direction. You need to realize I’m the Expert. I’m the Professional and I’m the One in Control. You have not been following directions or doing your homework. You are disrespectful, oppositional, and frankly, somewhat obnoxious. I’m done with your attitude and your back talk. Beginning now, it all changes. You’re trapped with no place to go. You may be an attractive man, my dear, but you’ve relied on those looks too long. This session is about behavior modification and aversion therapy. I’m going to mold you into a decent human being before this day is out. Do you understand me?” Cameron was both shocked and excited. His heart pounded. Sweat trickled from his pores and his lovely cock began to rise. Victory reveled in the powerful emotions consuming her body. She gathered a fistful of blond locks, pulling him in for a quick nip on the nose. The Doctor dismounted. She stepped out of her pencil skirt, leaving on her matching black panties and the kitten heel shoes she wore to work. Dr. Von Stryker faced her victim. Armed with a shiny,new riding crop she teased, “Do you like what you see?” Cameron nodded vigorously. Victory pushed her tits towards his lips, daring him to taste, then moved out of reach.

“Not so fast, little boy. You have some seriously bad habits that need breaking, and I’m just the Doctor to do it. When I’m finished with you, you’re going to be polite, gracious and courteous. You will never disrespect anyone. Isn’t that correct, Cameron?” Doctor Von Stryker punctuated her statement with a sharp whack to his prick. Cameron yelped at the punishing surprise. He lowered his eyes, answering humbly, “Yes, Doctor, I’ll try.” Victory pointed her weapon. “No, Cameron, you won’t try. You will succeed. I won’t accept anything less.” She unlocked a nearby chest. She chose a few tools, arranging the instruments across her desk. Then Doctor Von Stryker grabbed her crop and stalked her prey.


Facing her bound captive, the Doctor detailed her new treatment plan. Cameron, it’s inappropriate for you to call me doll. You know that right?” She paused, waiting for his affirmation. His head dropped lower. “Yes Ma’am, he muttered. “Don’t mumble when you speak to me,” Victory admonished.Also, you will no longer remark on my appearance or any part of my body. I’m your Doctor. You will conduct yourself accordingly. Do you understand Me?” Tucking his chin, Cameron whispered, “I didn’t mean any harm, Doc. I was just trying to show my appreciation.” This time the crop snapped across his balls. His eyes winced at the sting of the crop, tears bathing his face. He writhed uselessly against his restraints. There was no escape. “Cameron! You’ve earned your lessons in punishment. You will strive to obey. You will address me as Doctor Von Stryker, or Doctor. You will submit to me in every way. If not, you will suffer the consequences. Don’t say a word. As a matter of fact, I’m tired of hearing your voice. I have just the thing to ensure your silence.


I’ve selected a few things especially for you. When I’m done with you if you even think about misbehaving you’ll relive the agony you experience today. I won’t leave marks. You’ll be instructed to forget the details of this session but the pain will live on. A nagging fear tugging at your brain, forever warning you to stay in line. Starting with this bit gag/nipple clamp combo.Cameron paled as Victory buckled the leather gag to his neck and attached the clamps to his budding flesh. “I’m warning you. If you try to bite, spit this out or talk, it’s going to hurt. If you endure your trials like a good boy I will reward your compliance. She trailed her nails along his chest, watching as goosebumps decorated his muscled torso. Cameron felt strangely relaxed and optimistic as he surrendered his will.

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Mistress Victory ❤

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