HYPNOSIS with Cameron: The Final Installment

Cameron Learns his Lesson

I’m sorry I’ve been away so long. I’m back, bitches! Seriously, thanks for tuning in to the final installment of my Hypnosis Role Play session with the beautiful Cameron. Remember, this adoring slave of mine has the body and face of a well-endowed Greek god. Lucky for me, he worships his Goddess in wonderful ways. Thank you to my devoted sub for allowing me to share our time together. Let’s return to our story of a misguided patient who got more than he bargained for from Doctor Victory Von Stryker:

Cameron took to the bit willingly. As his teeth gripped his gag, his mind cleared. He felt weightless. Every session with Doctor Von Stryker left him renewed but today. though bound; he felt free. He surrendered his burdens to the Doctor, along with his will. His arms ached. His muscles burned, but he felt alive. Still deeply entranced, he gazed into Doctor Von Stryker’s eyes. He patiently waited for further instructions, smiling dreamily. He gave her full control, craving the discipline he knew he deserved.


The Doctor pointed her crop. “Today I’m introducing you to Aversion therapy. You will associate certain words, phrases and even ideas, with negative stimuli. We have used a mild form of this already. Your brain is trained to imagine poison when you think about smoking. I’m turning things up a notch. A whole new set of punishment and rewards. Meet your new friend, the Violet Wand.”


“I’m going to repeat your offensive words and then I’m going to shock you, Cameron. I’m not going to lie, it’s going to hurt, but in the end you’ll know in your bones, disrespect yields agony. I’ll reward obedience and good manners with ecstasy. She ruffled his hair. Just remember this long journey of pain leads to pleasure beyond compare.” She laughed at the mix of terror and anticipation hidden under his lashes. “I’m not your doll, Cameron!” She pointed the wand, and snap! His left nipple suffered a direct hit. His body jerked in surprise. The bit kept him silent but tears soaked his cheeks. Doctor Von Stryker gently wiped them away, caressing his skin. “Don’t call me Babe, Cameron! It’s inappropriate!” The wand crackled. He shook in his restraints as his right hip blazed under it’s searing touch.

“Cameron, Never comment on my appearance!” She zapped his balls, sparking his flesh. Cameron writhed under the Doctor’s glare. He both feared and craved her next move. Doctor Von Stryker stalked closer. Her nails grazed his burning sack. She pushed her chest into his face as she placed a cold compress across his brow. “Your doing very well. Hang in there,” she encouraged as she strutted towards his feet. “No Doll! No Babe! No leering stares! No Comments!.” Violet light stung his left arch, then the right. Cameron’s jaws clenched his gag. Every nerve screamed in anguish. The Doctor chuckled at a job well done. Massaging a path towards his groin, She praised, “The difficult part is over. You’ve been a very good boy. Such compliance deserves a reward.”

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She stroked his cock, loving how fast it grew in her hand. All 10 inches stood proudly before her, glistening like velvet steel. “Very nice, pet. That looks delicious.” The doctor stopped to search her bag of tools. “I have a few more toys for you. I think these will be more to your liking.” She spread his legs wide, stepping between for better access.


“These are filled with lube. I’m going to inject one up your butt.” She squeezed the trigger, plunging it deep. She presented her next gift. “This lovely prostate massager thrusts and rotates at my will. I think you’ll enjoy the effect.”


The Doctor pushed it home, dialing the remote to it’s lowest setting. Cameron moaned under his bit. The thrusting, twisting bliss almost more than he could stand. Doctor Von Stryker returned her attention to his rock hard dick. Her silky hand pumped him vigorously. The vibrator churning his prostate to life. Suddenly he exploded with an intensity he’d never imagined. His torso drenched in salty rain. “Excellent Cameron! I’m so proud of you.” Victory’s eyes sparkled with delight.” She kissed his temple, taking a moment to cuddle him in her arms. The Doctor cleaned away the evidence of her new treatment plan. She soothed his skin with a healing balm. She removed his restraints, and directed him to get dressed. She put away her naughty tools. Doctor Von Stryker whispered, “Cameron, I’m going to count backwards from 10. You will forget about what happened here today. You will remember bad behavior means torture. You’ll awake feeling rested and refreshed. 10, 9, 8…..”

Cameron blinked as he rose from the couch. Doctor Von Stryker perched on the edge of her desk. Not a hair out of place. Clothes perfectly pressed. “How do you feel Cameron?” She tapped her pencil against her knee. “Doctor, I feel great! When can I schedule my next visit?” Looking down at her calendar, she grinned devilishly, already planning their next adventure….

That concludes my hypnosis role play session with gorgeous Cameron. Thanks for reading. I sincerely hope it was enjoyable for you, my lovelies. All of the toys and tools in this post can be found on the ever wonderful site, Pinkcherry.com. They offer great discounts and often, free gifts. Make sure to check them out. Also for your very own Mistress Victory Keepsake, buy my used panties worn during my BDSM sessions. Stay tuned for my next story. I live to entertain.

Love, Mistress Victory Von Stryker ❤👄


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