Spanking Susannah: A Sinful sub Repents to her Goddess

Confession is Good for the Soul

Yes, here I am again using the word Goddess in reference to myself. It’s not a title I asked for. Do people fall at my feet in supplication? Yes. Do subs beg to worship at my altar? Yes. Do my followers confess their inner demons? You better believe it. It’s the crown bestowed upon me by my dedicated minions. My little Susannah craves the escape, the release, the freedom she finds when she lays her burdens at my door. When she gives me control of her mind and body, she finds peace and understanding. Who am I to argue? Early one morning she called me in tears. Her world was out of control. Her mind clouded in chaos. She couldn’t concentrate at work. Projects fell by the wayside. She needed discipline. She needed clarity. She needed her Goddess. We set the date. I assured my little dove help was coming.🌞

Susannah arrived on time. She dropped to her knees, waiting for my instructions. I stroked her long red hair. “That’s my good girl. I’m going to make it all better. You’re going to tell me everything that’s wrong during our time together. I promise when we’re finished today you’ll be back on track. Leave your worries with me.” I took her hand and helped her to her feet. I led her to my playroom where my spanking bench waited. Susannah removed her clothes, revealing her curvy figure. Her creamy skin glistened as I bent her over the plush frame of the Obeir Bench from I fastened the restraints to her delicate wrists and ankles. The lovely peach of her ass now perfectly positioned for the punishment she desired.💛

I stepped back to admire the pretty picture she made, sprawled over with her butt in the air. Susannah’s full breasts hung like ripe fruit. They begged to be adorned. I caressed her plump buttocks, then trailed my fingers over her satiny flesh, reaching her blushing nipples. They puckered nicely as I attached silver, weighted clamps to the pert pair. Susannah moaned, loving the feel of their pinching teeth.🌟

For me, people are living canvases on which I express my art. Different shapes, sizes and textures. I appreciate them all. Here was one of my favorites. Susannah’s pale skin, the perfect backdrop for painting colorful blooms. I squeezed her juicy globes. “Are you ready, little dove? Tell me Everything”, I commanded.👠 Susannah inhaled deeply, “First, I keep getting to work late. It’s no excuse but I haven’t been sleeping well, so I just can’t seem to get out the door on time.” Whack! ⚡ I struck without warning, landing the first blow squarely across her left butt cheek. She hissed at the sting but kept talking. I gripped my paddle, targeting the right side as Susannah continued. “Then the other day, I snapped at a client who was getting on my nerves, and the lady told my boss,” she griped. Crack! ⚡ A fierce red imprint blazed across her ass. I chided, “Bad little bird. You know better, and don’t whine. It gets you nowhere with me. You were wrong. Now say it!” I demanded.💥

No stranger to these sessions, Susannah humbled herself before her Mistress. She sobbed, “I was wrong! I’ve had a bad attitude. It’s my fault! My temper has been short and it’s affecting my job. Not just my job, but my personal relationships too. It’s me. I’m the problem.” She dropped her head. I ran my fingers through her crimson locks, enjoying the silken strands. “Doesn’t it feel good to admit the truth? To face your shortcomings?” Susannah nodded as I massaged her temples. She groaned, soaking in the blissful sensations. My paddle has a very special handle, and she knew what was coming. This nifty find by Tantus, on, has a smooth shaft ending in a six inch, bulbous dildo. I plunged it deep inside her dripping wet pussy, rewarding her subjugation.💝 “That’s my good pet”, I praised, thrusting the pole rhythmically as she writhed in ecstasy. I squeezed her bountiful breasts with my other hand, evoking sounds of rapture from the gorgeous creature.🎶

Her cries of pleasure increased under my deft ministrations. “No, No. You can’t come yet, little girl. Tell me what’s really going on. What lies beneath that bad temper? You said you aren’t sleeping. Let’s go below the surface, love. You’re not finished confessing your sins”, I chided. I removed the handle from her slick sheath, stopping to grab more toys. Her breathing slowed. Her body calmed. Susannah resumed her unburdening. “Like I said, I’ve been snapping at everybody. I’m overwhelmed and spread too thin. When I try to sleep, my mind whirs, counting all the things still on my plate. Before I know it the alarm goes off, and I’ve been up the whole night. I need a break but I don’t want to let anyone down.” I wiped away her salty tears with the tip of my tongue. They were yummy. I caressed her face. “I have a few more gifts for you, I whispered in her ear. 🎁

I moved where she could see the implements of delight. I drenched the first present with lube, readying it for entry. I’d chosen the Cal Exotics Santa Monica Starlet thumping G-spot vibrator. I knew from experience the intense pleasure this toy delivers. My Susannah was in for a treat. With 10 amazing settings, I was about to rock her world. I slid it home, watching it disappear inside her wet pussy. “Keep talking, love. You’re doing so well”, I encouraged as I pressed the button for thumping pulsations. Susannah, moaned as her passion bloomed.💐

Endeavoring to obey, distracted by the thrusting vibrator, Susannah wailed. “Lately, everything seems to be spinning out of control. I’m lost. It seems like I can’t do anything right. The only time things feel okay, the only time I’m grounded is after I see you. I need you to steady me.My little pet sobbed as she reached for orgasm. “Bad little turtledove. I didn’t give you permission to cum. Slow it down. I’m not finished with you,” I directed. I inserted my middle finger inside the rose of her anus, fingering her hole while reducing the speed of the pulsating vibrator. Two more digits readied the way for my next surprise. I stretched her wide as her lovely ass accepted my b-vibe butt plug. The rotating beads wove a rimming sensation as she lost herself in double penetration. She was almost ready to explode. 🌋

The beautiful Susannah trembled. Her cries echoed throughout the playroom. “Hold on a bit longer, angel,” I demanded. “It’s time to cleanse those sins, to banish that negativity. Repeat after me: “Any dark or negative force may now return to it’s source. I am free. So mote it be.” I lit a black candle, then placed a full length mirror in front of her, so she’d have a clear view. She followed along, gazing into her own eyes. The sudden slap of leather sent her over the edge. I pelted her ass in time to her chants. Her volume increased as my Dalby spanking strap added that perfect taste of pain. Her body convulsed and she gushed, cumming in waves. She screamed her thanks to the heavens. 🙏 I kissed her forehead as she tumbled to earth. I released my worshipper from her bonds. I guided her to a soothing coconut milk bath. Susannah sunk beneath the water, relaxed, renewed, and whole once more. 🏖

Thank you for sharing your time with me. You can find all the items featured in this post on, a virtual wonderland of fun. Also, you can purchase my used underwear here. You know you want your very own Mistress Victory keepsake. Stay tuned for more about my exciting life in BDSM. I order you to be good to yourself. Love, Mistress Victory 👠💓💋

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Panty worn during BDSM Session


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  1. The applause is deafening! A short slice in the life of a hopeful sub. She’s an interesting character that could be developed into perhaps a novella or if inspiration were to strike a novel?

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