Puppy Play with Paul

Isn’t he Precious?

Good boy wanna go for a walk?

Not all human puppies are subs. There are alphas, betas, the list goes on; however, my precious little Paul is definitely submissive. Not his real name. I know. I’m a sucker for alliteration. What can I say? It’s my blog, my sub and I’m a damn Dominatrix. I’ll do what I want. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ Paul describes his puppy time as an intense submersion into another head space. He can completely lose himself for a while, abandoning all inhibitions and anxieties as he becomes this snuggly creature. He’s formed a deep bond with me, like a dog and his Owner. With any beloved pet, it’s important that he receive regular walks, strict boundaries, obedience training, praise for a job well done, delicious treats, and lots of cuddles. Paul’s puppy play is as necessary for him as breathing. ๐Ÿบ

My adorable pet is about 5’5″ tall. His shoulder length, brown hair streaked with red highlights makes me think of a friendly golden retriever, but he imagines himself as a fluffy ball of fur like an Eskimo Spitz or a Bichon Frise’. He has a soft, somewhat chubby physique which only makes him more squeezable. When he was safely through my front door, he obediently dropped to all fours. I patted his head, then divided his locks into two equal sections. I tied each side into cute “puppy dog ears”. I gave each a quick scratch. “That’s my good boy,” I crooned. “Get undressed so we can get you ready for your walk. I know my little sweetie needs his exercise.” ๐Ÿ’

Paul stripped naked. I helped him into his paws and knee pads to prevent bruises. I’m not a cruel Mistress. ๐Ÿ˜œ I placed a bone gag in his mouth to remind him he can’t speak. I love the one I found on Pinkcherry.com. It helps put Paul in the right frame of mind.


It was time to insert his tail. When we began our search for his ideal appendage we couldn’t find an actual “puppy” tail to Paul’s liking. Then I discovered just what we needed: a white, faux fox fur vibrating anal butt plug with remote. The fluffy white fur fits the image Paul holds in his mind, while enhancing the experience with 3 different vibrating speeds I can control. I lubed the plug then shoved it home. Paul panted, absorbing the intense pulsations filling his ass.


I massaged his flanks, hugging him close. “My darling baby likes that doesn’t he?” Paul gave me his best version of a tail wag and nodded his head.” I fastened his collar snugly around his neck, attached the leash and led him to the back door. “Let’s go for a stroll, sugar,” I said, as I guided him around the yard. ๐Ÿฉ


Paul trotted across the lawn, flaunting his fuzzy hindquarters. I turned up the dial on his plug, laughing as he sashayed around my patio, his dick growing hard. I chastened, “No, no, my little puff ball. Put that red rocket away.” I pulled him back in the house. “You need a time out to calm down. I’ve not given you permission to have a hard-on yet. I want you to go in your kennel and take a short nap while I prepare for some indoor fun.” At my direction, Paul crawled into his cage, making himself comfortable as possible within it’s confines. I set the timer for a 15 minute snooze, made sure he had his blanket, then locked him in for a brief respite.


I gathered the toys I needed for the last half of play time. I filled his bowls with food and water. When the alarm sounded I was all set. I unlocked his crate and called him to my side. I patted his head, praising, “Good boy. I’ve got a treat for you.” I removed his bone gag and pressed my palm to his mouth. He gobbled up his favorite cherry licorice bites. Paul laid his head on my feet, sighing in appreciation. I massaged his body, working out any kinks that might have been caused by the tight space. “C’mon boy,” I coaxed. “Who wants to play fetch?”

Such a Good Boy!

Paul jumped to his feet, excited for the new game. He wiggled in anticipation. “First things first, baby. I’m going to ensure you behave properly. Mama’s got a surprise. Stand still while I put it on you.” I showed him the pretty pink chastity device, complete with lock and key. I gently enclosed his flaccid penis, making sure it stayed that way. “There. You look lovely.” I pocketed the key, grabbed Paul’s frisbee, his tug-of-war rope and his tennis ball. “Let’s go play.” ๐Ÿพ


Paul bounded through my living room, chasing and retrieving until he was out of breath. He was such a happy puppy. I squeezed his plump cheeks, cooing in a sing-song voice, “That’s my good boy.” He rolled onto his back and I scratched his tummy. I whispered, “I think it’s cuddle time.” Paul followed me into the bedroom. I climbed into my downy haven. Paul curled up against my warm thighs. I released his cock from it’s prison. It didn’t take long before I felt it hard against my leg. I peered down into pleading eyes as he whimpered softly. “Ok, buddy. You’ve earned it. Lick away.” ๐Ÿ‘… I reclined into a mass of pillows as Paul burrowed his face against my cunt. His practiced tongue laved my clit as he worshipped my pussy. Soon his efforts were rewarded as I drenched him in my juices. When I recovered from my trip to heaven, I cradled Paul in my arms. “You deserve a special treat.” ๐Ÿฐ I brought out my Satisfyer stroker for a combination of heat and vibration guaranteed to blow his mind.


The sucking effect of the stroker in harmony with the pulses of his butt plug tail sent him over the edge. He exploded in a frenzy, howling as he came. Paul fell into the shelter of my embrace. Safe and secure with his mistress, my treasured pet found peace….

Thank you for sharing this experience with me. I hope it’s a worthy read. The products featured in this post are all on Pinkcherry.com. Try Pink Cherry for a bevy of fun. Stay tuned and continue to follow me for more adventures in BDSM. Also contact me to purchase my used undergarments for your very own Mistress Victory keepsake.

Mistress Victory Von Stryker’s Sensual Delites

Panty worn and used during session.


As always, be good to yourselves and others. Karma is a bitch.

With Love, Mistress Victory ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’“โšก

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