Mistress Victory Gives a Make-Over

George goes Girlie

One beautiful morning my phone rang bright and early. A regular submissive wanted to try something new. For years he’d been experimenting with cross-dressing in the privacy of his own home. Now that he’d devoted himself to the service of Mistress Victory, he felt brave enough to seek help from me. His name is George but he prefers Trey. He fondly reminisced about happy childhood memories of playing dress-up with his cousin. I heard the joy in his voice as he told me how he loved wearing her brightly colored lipsticks. For a while, he’d been longing to try one of my favorite cherry reds. We planned an outing for the next day. Shopping for make-up, a new outfit, and shoes. Then it’s play-date time. I could hardly wait. πŸ‘—πŸ‘ πŸ’„

Mistress Victory Von Stryker

He picked me up the next day and we began our shopping spree. We had a great time picking out colors to match his complexion. I took his measurements in the dressing room of our local department store. He obediently waited on his knees while I gathered several changes of lingerie in his size. Those of you without a knowledgeable Mistress to personally guide you can find lovely and affordable lingerie on Yandy.com. It’s where I buy all my work clothes.πŸ’•


We found everything we needed, so we fled to the playroom to begin Trey’s transformation. He knelt on the floor naked in front of my full length mirror, as I applied his primer, foundation, etc. My fellow ladies and lady wanna be’s know all the steps. Finishing his face with a brush of eye shadow and blush, and voila! The effect was delightful. He bowed his head for his wig of long, black hair. I took him by the hand and pulled him to his feet. His white dress slid over his hips. At my command he stepped into his red pumps. Facing his reflection, Trey gazed at his fantasy-come-to-life. There stood a very pretty and very tall woman. He giggled with glee. πŸ‘Έ

“Look at me,” I ordered. His eyes met mine for a brief moment, then lowered in deference. “I’m going to call you Trina. Now Trina, I wanna see you walk in those heels. Strut your stuff for me like you’re on a catwalk. Show me what a sexy girl you can be.” Grinning from ear to ear, Trina popped that hip before she pranced down my hallway. I applauded as she preened like a peacock, enjoying her moment in the sun. “I can see you’ve had practice walking in heels. Very good, my dear. That was quite a performance.” Her face glowed. She was living her true life and loving every minute of it. I took her by the hand and led her in a waltz across my dining room floor. Our dance concluded outside the door of the playroom. “Trina, my love, trot your sexy ass in there and show me what’s under that dress.”


Her dress shimmied to the floor, revealing the purple panties and black thigh highs hidden underneath. She assumed her usual position on the spanking bench centered in the middle of the room for just this occasion. “I want to see that butt up high,” I directed as I fastened the restraints around her wrists and ankles. I punctuated my command with a slap across both cheeks, watching them jiggle. I began with a little sensation play, running my nails down her back, tracing them along her skin, until I reached her toes. I tickled them lightly as she tried to wriggle away. Of course there was no where to go, and just for that I redoubled my efforts, torturing the sensitive arches of her feet. I laughed, then switched to my Wartenberg wheel. I glided it back up her flesh and into the crack of her ass. She moaned in reply.


“You love it when I play with that butt, don’t you pet?” Trina sighed, then whispered, “Oh yes Mistress Victory. Fill my hole. Make me feel like a real woman.” I removed the purple panties obstructing my way. I warmed her up with my middle finger. I slowly wormed deep inside, curling my digit as I found her prostate. “More!” she gasped, gyrating her hips in ecstasy. “I’ve got you baby,” I assured her as I doused my “Booty Rocket” vibrating butt plug with lube. I stretched her anus, just how she liked it. I pushed the plug home and pressed the button. “Mistress Victory! Please let me worship you for giving this to me!” She groaned in supplication as her pleasure increased. Who am I to deny such a humble request? I stepped in front of her as she reached for me with her tongue. I pressed the lace of my white “cheeky” panty to her face, and she laved my clit through the gauzy material. “Mmm…nice,” I praised. “That’s my good girl. Lick it slow” I crooned. The whir of the plug a fitting background to the rhapsody our cries created. I shoved her face into my crotch, letting her feel the soaking wet fabric.


I think it’s time for the big boy,” I warned as I grabbed the next toy in my arsenal. “Open wide!,” I demanded, showing her the heavy-veined, thick dildo I had in my hand.” I was ready to fuck that sweet ass and send her to heights unknown. Here she was, splayed before me, flanks in the air, long black hair trailing the floor. Her makeup smeared across her lips, a flare of red highlighting her mouth. It formed a perfect O as she spied the huge cock soon to invade her depths. She couldn’t hide the desperate longing in her eyes from me. I knew her all to well. Over and over, thrust after thrust, stuffing her to the brim with one hand, while stroking her hard member with the other. She exploded in my palm, screaming my name.


I cleaned her up, released her from her bonds, and guided her to a cushiony chaise to recover. I cuddled her close before removing the wig. I wiped away the remains of the splattered makeup. I left her for a moment to draw a hot, bubble bath. I helped her sink into the soothing tub, as Trina melted away and Trey returned to earth. 🌏

Thank you for tuning in once more to read about my adventures as a Southern, Sensual Dominatrix. I do have the best job in the world and I get off on sharing it with you. Those who follow me know I’ve just published my website, mistressvictory.com. There, not only can you read my blog; but also you can see more pictures of me, buy my Mementos from Real Life BDSM appointments, and book online sessions. Experience Mistress Victory Live! πŸ’‹ There’s also a Membership you can subscribe to, giving you access to my Private page. The toys from today’s post are from my friends at Pinkcherry.com. They always have just what I need. Stay horny bitches! Be good to yourselves and live life the way you dream it! πŸŽ†

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Love Always, Mistress Victory Von Stryker! πŸ‘‘πŸ’“βš‘

Mistress Victory’s White Cheeky Panty

White Lace Panty worn during this Session!


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  1. Very well written as always. Trina makes me jealous. What’s a poor gurl to do? Book a session of course!

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