The Taming of the Shrew

Disciplining Donna

Every Dominatrix has a sub who tries her patience to the max. There’s a trend in life towards brattiness lately. It’s one I don’t enjoy. I’ve come to understand through education and experience, that most of the time, brattiness is just an inability to communicate. Sometimes a submissive will act out in different ways to get a good, hard beating, rather than just asking for one. Others have difficulty in friendships or at work because they lack some basic interpersonal skills. Then I have submissives like Donna. She has a history of sexual repression. A fear that what she wants makes her a bad person. If it’s forced on her, it’s not her fault. She can’t accept her sexual desires. She cannot allow herself the pleasure of another woman’s touch. In addition, she doesn’t know how to properly convey her wishes. Donna is in her 50’s. She’s about 5 feet with medium length, light brown hair. Her shoulders are narrow, breasts pert, just enough to fit in the palm of my hand. Her hips flare out to a wide, juicy bottom. Donna’s going to learn about discipline. How to ask for what she wants. She’s going to give herself the freedom to soar. Once she learns to behave.

Mistress Victory Von Stryker

Last week Donna called at 7:00 a.m. She knows my day starts at 9:00. I did not answer the phone. I had no intention of allowing her to break the rules. I’m excellent at enforcing boundaries. Then at 8:30 that same morning she texted saying she needed to see me. She mentioned she wanted an appointment the next day, first thing, and would I hurry and get back to her. Hmmm. That’s not the proper way to schedule an appointment with me. You ask politely for what you need. Mistress Victory does not respond well to rudeness or disrespect. If you step outside my established guidelines, the end result will not be pleasant. I returned her text around 9:30. I informed her I would not be available all week but I would be happy to schedule her for the following Monday. I chastised her inconsiderate behavior and told her I would see her promptly at 9:00 a.m. She immediately responded with an appropriate apology and accepted the time.

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Donna arrived promptly as instructed. She was well aware of the consequences for tardiness. In this, she dared not test me. Donna knows the rules and she dropped to her knees, eyes cast downward. Then she spoke. My jaw clenched as she whined, “I can’t believe how long it took for you to get around to seeing me. I’m pretty sure I told you how badly I need some stress relief.” She had the nerve to simper as I stood over her, hands on my hips. I laughed in her face. “I believe you’ve forgotten who serves whom. I think you’ve failed to understand your place in my world. You see, there’s only One Mistress Victory Von Stryker. My minions are vast. You’re but one among many. You’re here at my convenience. You do as I say when I say it. If you’re a good girl, do as your told, and take your punishment with humble respect, I might reward you with the relief you crave. Do I make myself clear?”, I snapped. She whispered, “yes Mistress”, averting her eyes. I stepped to her side and fastened a unisex collar around her neck. I added a standard leash, helped her to her feet and led her to the playroom. I closed the door behind us, sealing her fate.

I pushed her towards the four poster bed. Donna pulled at her collar as if it was irritating her skin. I noticed the gesture and asked, “Is there a problem?” Donna dropped her hands like they’d been burned. She shifted from one foot to the other, neglecting to reply.Where I come from, when someone addresses you it’s polite to answer. Stop fidgeting and speak up, I commanded. Donna giggled nervously. “Well, it’s just that I like the other collar you normally use better. It’s smaller and pretty. It makes me feel sexier.” I took a deep breath to compose myself before chiding, “Woman, you’re lucky I don’t make you masturbate in the corner all session while you chant about how unworthy you are. You don’t like this collar? You complain about my choices? Let’s see how you enjoy a collar that forces your hands behind your back. You know what’s sexy from a sub? Obedience. Now go stand with your nose against the wall and repeat I will not question Mistress Victory. Don’t stop until I say so.” Donna hurried to the designated area and began her time out. While she endured her boring task, I gathered my tools, plotting my revenge.

Once I’d found all the gear I needed I told Donna to lay across the bed with her ass in the air and her feet on the ground. I started with a lovely flogger complete with dildo handle from As I wound up my flogging arm I warned my helpless victim,”Don’t say a word. If you do, I promise you won’t be happy. You seem to be under the assumption that an appointment with me is like getting your hair done or going out for a mani/pedi. You need to think again.” Leather rained over her body leaving a swath of red in it’s wake. I paid special attention to her pale, round butt. There were a lot of moans and groans, grunts and gasps, but she was smart enough not to speak. I grabbed her head and shoved the dildo end of my weapon down her throat. “Get it nice and wet cause it’s going in your ass. I know you want me to fuck your puss with this big, hard handle but you haven’t earned that yet. Here’s something else you can do with that mouth of yours:” I pulled her by the hair, moved aside my g-string to give her full access, and pushed her greedy tongue into my anus.It’s time you know your place,” I announced. “You‘re going to learn how to ask nicely for what you want. For now, you can start by worshiping my asshole.”

I ground myself against her, smothering her with my butt. When I felt she’d shown proper devotion, I moved behind her and crammed the dildo handle deep inside her ass. I fucked her with it long and hard, then replaced the handle with a vibrating anal plug, complete with remote control. I turned the dial to a steady setting and left it in place. I removed the collar with restraints. “Roll over onto your back.” I massaged her arms as the blood returned to her limbs.” She wisely suppressed a whine as she heeded my directive. I grabbed my multi-function bondage belt also purchased from I positioned her so her legs splayed wide over her head and arms locked uselessly. “Now I can do anything to you I want,” I threatened. Donna’s eyes glimmered as she clung to hope that what I wanted involved her pussy.

The plug pulsed inside her bum. Her cunt glistened. She panted, breathing heavy. Her need to talk warred with her desire to cum. Her only recourse was blind acquiescence. I stood in front of her, enjoying her subservience. I could easily gag her but I wanted to test her compliance. So far so good. I bestowed a brief reward, running my nails along her pussy lips. She sighed, longing for more. “Have you got something to say?”, I questioned as I tweaked her rosy nipples. She shook her head, eyes shining bright with anticipation. “How about now?”, I asked. I tickled both feet, starting with the toes, lightly tracing the arches, over the heels and back to the little nibbles. Donna wriggled, straining her bonds but there was no use. She laughed uncontrollably, her chest heaving, tiny boobs bouncing. Fear of embarrassment etched across her brow as she struggled not to pee. “Use those kegels, girl. You better hold it in.” I taunted her, relishing her torment. Donna’s discomfort was obvious, still she held her tongue. “OK, I’ll give you a break. You’ve been a very good girl. Time for a little treat.”

Her gash eagerly swallowed the u-shaped vibrator. I was delighted to find this gem on as well. One end lit up her clit and the other pleasured her g-spot. As a Bad-Ass Domme all my favorite toys come equipped with remote controls. I decide how fast or slow to stimulate my subs. I granted Donna a slow rhythm to match the butt plug still buried inside her. She inhaled sharply as her passion began to build. “That feels nice, doesn’t it?” I observed the question in her gaze and invited her reply. “Yes, Mistress”, she whispered appropriately. “That’s my sweet little slave”, I praised. I increased the intensity of both vibrators, then I located my chain whip tickler. Fear, hunger, anxiety, lust…a million emotions crossed her face as she spied my old faithful friend in the palm of my hand. One thing for certain, Donna understands the pain/pleasure connection. Her cunt soaked the sheets thanks to the vibrations pulsating throughout her body. She eyed the silver whip. I’d stored the metal device in the freezer. Cold steel waiting to be unleashed. I notched up the vibrators even higher. “Alright sub, here we go!

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I swung the chain high overhead. “Repeat after me: I serve Mistress Victory.” Tendrils of torture rained across each arm, punctuating my command. Donna flinched and complied meekly. “Say I must obey Mistress Victory!” I flourished my whip, stinging strands lashing her tender breasts. Donna sobbed, agony and ecstasy building to a frenzy as she did as instructed. “I will not question Mistress Victory!” Silver slashed her inner thighs, a trail of red emphasizing my rules. Donna winced, moaning her acquiescence. “I will be polite”, I challenged, slinging the chains between her pussy lips. Donna wailed in agreement, her slit thirsty for more. “I will ask nicely for what I want!” I twirled the whip, landing a resounding blow across her mound. Donna’s keens of lamentation echoed through the room. I put my chain aside. I picked up my Strapless Strap-on Dildo also from “Ask me nicely for what you want, Donna!” pointing the shaft in her direction.

” Will you please fuck my pussy, Mistress Victory?”, Donna begged. “Please! Please! Please! I’m aching for you. I plunged three fingers inside her throbbing cunt. “Mistress will you please put that on and give me your hard cock?” I attached the toy to my groin, the motor strong against my clit. “Now see? When you ask nicely for something you just might get it.” I drove myself home in sure, smooth strokes. The dildo thrummed between our bodies, filling us both with pure, unadulterated bliss. I captured her cries with my mouth as we gyrated together. The pressure grew. Before she could explode I shouted, “Ask me Now Donna! Ask me!” Donna screamed her reply, “May I please cum? May I? Oh Please Mistress Victory!” Bucking against her as I found my peak, I yelled,”Yes! Yes! Yes!”

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