Be Careful What You Wish For!

You Just Might Get It!

One dreary morning I received a call that brightened my day. A soft-spoken male voice revealed, “I’m a total pain slut. I want to be your slave. I’ve been dreaming of this for years. I would like to put myself completely in your hands. Do anything to me you want.” Did I just hear a Chorus of Angels? Music to my ears! Seriously! I can do anything? I live for moments like this! We went over his hard limits, which weren’t many and set the date! The appointment was a week away but I walked on cloud nine for days after the call, plotting my attack. When the hour was finally at hand, I bounced around my house, bubbly with excitement as I prepared my tools. I’m sure I looked like one of those old black and white movie villains, literally pacing with anticipation. I chose my outfit, groomed myself to my usual immaculateness and waited for my pawn to arrive.

When I opened the door for my new sub, I was delighted to find a small but attractive man in his middle forties. His hair was dark with a bit of gray winding through here and there. I ordered him to strip for me and drop to his knees. His body was tight. A nice, firm chest, free of body hair. Oh yeah! Perfect for Candle-Waxing! He was barely above 5 feet. I loved how I towered over him in my black heels. I fastened a collar around his neck, and pulling him by the leash, I bade him crawl behind me into the playroom. I could feel myself soaking my G-String. I was so turned-on, only thinking about the session I’d planned. Now that my new slave was within reach, my body was on fire! I instructed him to lay face down while I tied him to the bed. My heart raced as I grabbed my flogger. I put on some sexy music. Today’s choice was a random shuffle of Lana del Rey. We were definitely in the land of God’s and Monsters but I was no Angel. I began my figure eight pattern, bringing the blood to the surface the way I liked it. His skin was a lovely pink as I shifted to my cat of nine tails. His moans were a fitting background to our soundtrack of sin. My strikes were like lightning as it cracks in the sky, leaving bright stripes in its path. I was an artist and his flesh was my canvas. All shades of red my chosen hues. “More! More!”, he yelled. I was happy to oblige.

I wielded my chain whip/tickler. The metal glinting in the candlelight was a beautiful sight. I swung it overhead before landing a hard slap across his toned ass. “Yes!” His cries echoed through the room. “Make it hurt, Goddess!”, he begged as I rained silver strands of pain along his torso. I was in my element. Lana crooning about being “Young and Beautiful”, my pet gasping for breath in between my punishing blows, me humming to the music as I gleefully lit a fire across his back. I bent to lick the tears trickling from his eyes. He grinned at the brief respite, taking a moment to compose himself. I ran my fingers through his hair, massaging his skull as I praised, “You’re doing so well, my dear.” I dangled the chain down his body and between his legs, ensuring his balls felt the cold steel. He shivered. I laughed. Then I snagged my Ostrich Feather wand, whispering it over his loins to his toes and back to his balls. Tickle, tickle. He squirmed and jerked, giggling, gulping for air. I discovered he was most sensitive on his inner thighs. I quite enjoyed the way he struggled in his bonds, uselessly trying to cease my ministrations. I twirled the feather along his skin leaving goosebumps in my wake. As I fluttered the plume around his nuts once more, I heard his groans of desire.

I abandoned my wand & dug my fingers into his wriggling form. He thrashed like an animal caught in a trap. “Stop! Stop! I can’t take it!”. Mr. Pain Slut wailed. Metal ripping across his torso barely netted a reaction but a few digits to the groin and he’s begging for mercy. I’m telling you, my smile was huge. I do so adore when I find a weakness. Bingo! I couldn’t stop now. I know. I’m evil. You love it, don’t you? I threw my nails in for good measure. Running the tips in circles on his testicles, tracing patterns on his thighs. He shifted uncomfortably as he battled for oxygen. I could tell his dick was growing erect, making it difficult to lie on his stomach. Too bad. I tortured him this way a bit longer, but I didn’t want him to hyperventilate so I gave him a break. A nasty pinch to his left ass cheek flooded his system with misery. He sobbed quietly as I undid his restraints. I patted his head. “Your such a good boy. Thank you for your tears.” I licked his eyelids once more. Such a tasty treat. I used my riding crop and popped the ruff of his neck! “Roll over!” He scrambled to obey, fearing my wrath.

Back in his chains he went. I splayed him wide across the bed, spread-eagle for my pleasure. With a goal of making his front match his back, I went at him with my suede-handled, rattan cane. Painting his body with the marks he craved. His screams were like a song, an opera of agony designed just for me. This is what he came for. This is what he wanted. I was delivering on a promise. My pulse was a rhythm in my head. I was enraptured. Almost as lost as my victim. A Slave to my own need to punish. Lighting a red, drip candle, I waved the flame towards the tip of his nose. The wax slowly melted. He hissed, drops burning a scarlet river leading directly to his penis. My pussy was drenched. “Look what you did”, I chided, squatting over his face, moving aside my g-string. Aiming for his mouth, I made myself comfortable, grinding against his tongue as I decorated his cock to my liking. “That’s so pretty.” I complimented my handiwork while he worked my clit.


I humped his worshipful mouth, wax staining the sheets below us. My pace was frenzied as a reached for fulfillment. I thumped his dick like a baton with my crop, and I came in a crescendo, squirting my juices down his throat. I threw my sopping wet underwear to the floor, then donned my Scandal Pegging Panty set from Staring into the depths of his soul, I rammed the dildo as far as it would go. My gaze spoke volumes as I fucked him into oblivion. Bathing my hands in lube, I jerked his poor, abused penis while pounding his hole like there was no tomorrow. He howled my name when finally he gushed in a blaze of glory. Mistress Victory forever branded upon his heart.….

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Mistress Victory’s Red & Black Matching G-String

G-string that Matches Red & Black Corset worn during "Be Careful What you Wish For" Session


Love Always, Mistress Victory Von Stryker

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  1. Once again your words and description’s flow flawlessly. Looking forward to your next adventure.

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