The Wife and her Watcher

A Couple’s Session

Mistress Victory Von Stryker

If you guys have been reading my blog from the beginning you know I have quite a few couples in my family of submissives. Before I tell you this story let me assure you this session occurred before the Epic corona-virus mess started. Now that’s clear, I bet you’re on pins and needles waiting to hear the details of this one. It’s about a wife and her cuckold husband. He initiated first contact. Let’s call him henry. henry was browsing the internet and came across me (pun intended). He shared my photos with his lovely bride of 15 years. I’m going to name her peggy. Little miss peggy is bisexual. She’d been dreaming of serving a Dominatrix since she was a teen-ager but never had the opportunity. Oh sure, she played with more dominant partners, both men and women, but she’d never met anyone like me. Well, of course not. I am one of a kind, but I digress. For the last 10 years of their marriage, henry and peggy fueled their fantasies in the swinger life-style. peggy is free to express herself sexually with anyone she chooses. henry is not. He is the perfect cuckold. Now, he’s my little chastity bitch, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself. peggy plays. henry watches. The rule is peggy doesn’t play if henry can’t watch. He might be hiding in the closet but henry is there. henry ran to peggy with his laptop like a Prince proudly presenting his Princess with a wonderful treasure. They agreed my cleavage was worship-worthy. I’m over 5 hours away from them but they decided to make the trip. He e-mailed me and what followed was an intensely satisfying session for all three of us.

You wanna be my dog?

When they arrived I collared them both and led them to my dungeon. For today, I had set up a St. Andrew’s Cross for peggy and a bondage chair for henry. The couple stripped naked and knelt on the carpet like good little subs. I helped henry stand, pointing him towards his perch. I would guess henry is around 6″. He’s completely bald. Not fat, not skinny. His complexion was ruddy like he probably drinks too much. I’d place him around 50.

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I ordered him to sit. I positioned his arms in a wide T, then spread his legs across the padded bench. I fastened the cuffs to his wrists and ankles, giving him an up close view of his wife. Then I needed to cage that cock. No erections for henry right now. I chose an electric chastity device because I planned to shock the hell out of him in more ways than one. For now, I settled for confining his limp dick in it’s restricting maw. I popped a ball gag in his mouth then moved on to his luscious wife. I took her delicate hand in mine and led her to the cross. I could feel her trembling as she stepped onto the platform. I chuckled as I strapped her in for the ride of her life.

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I love this particular piece of furniture because it allows for inversion, but I began with her right side up, facing away from me. I inspected her naked form, taking care she was secure. She’s tall, around 5’8″. Her hair is platinum blonde, in a short, pixie cut. Still plenty for me to pull. She was tanned to a golden sheen. No lines to be seen. She must sunbathe nude. Very nice. She was slim, narrow-hipped, small-breasted. She looked great for her age. peggy could easily pass for middle 30’s but I think she’s really around 45. She closed her chocolate brown eyes as I slipped a mask over her anxious visage. “Relax,” I whispered in her ear. I traced my finger down the line of her neck, across her back, and over the hills of her buns. Her skin like satin to the touch. I glanced at henry, spying the drool dripping from his gag. I howled with laughter. “Pathetic!” I tossed the word like a dagger before taking a moment to finger his wife’s pussy. She was soaked. She jumped at the unexpected pleasure, moaning loudly.


“Time to begin,” I warned as I grabbed a heavy-duty, leather flogger. My strikes were vicious, painting her flesh in crimson criss-crosses that coordinated well with her out-stretched stance. Each blow punctuated by her high-pitched yelps. I wound up, letting loose a barrage guaranteed to set her ass a-blaze. peggy wailed, yet begged for more. My volleys a rapid fire response. I swear I saw steam framing her like an aura. “Let me cool you off a bit,” I offered. Reaching into a nearby mini-fridge, I selected an angled, glass dildo. I slid the frozen treat into her flaming furnace, massaging her g-spot. The cold heightened the sensations consuming her cunt. peggy mewled as I plunged the depths of her sopping wet channel. “How’s the show so far?” I checked in with henry. The question was rhetorical, but his pupils were huge as he gorged himself on the sight of his sinewy spouse engulfed in ecstasy.

Instruments of Torture

I grinned, abruptly removed the clear shaft, and seized my cane. I tapped it’s tip into the meat below her shoulder blades, her supple thighs, a staccato of sensation dancing along her calves. Remember, dear minions, poor peggy is blind-folded. She has no idea what might happen next. I flourished the rattan with a woosh, tantalizing her sharpened hearing. With a flick of my wrist I laid into her bottom, letting the birch settle into her juicy hind-quarters, absorbing the sting. I traced each stripe leaving a white hot trail of pain. peggy sagged in her bonds as she climbed towards sub space. To accelerate her journey I lubed a thick, vibrating anal plug and pushed it home where it wanted to be. Peggy shrieked, adjusting herself to the searing burn. I could hear henry’s labored breathing as his excitement grew. “You better settle down over there or I’ll find something for your ass too,” I threatened. I emphasized my promise with a backhanded swat to his dangling balls. henry whined within the confines of his ball gag, spittle coating his chin with a glistening patina. “Your job is to observe, nothing more. Stop trying to steal the spotlight.” I put henry in his place, returning my attention to his winsome wife. The vibrator whirred it’s monotonous song, chimes of bliss radiating inside peggy’s rosebud. I tickled her clit, almost sending her over the edge. But no, I wasn’t finished with her by half……..

Since this was a long session, I’m going to deliver it to you in two posts. This ends the first half of the story. Stay tuned for the conclusion, hopefully arriving in your inbox before the week is out. Thanks for your continued support, my loyal angels. Help your Favorite Dominatrix by clicking on the links to the banners for It’s an incredibly cool site, and I get credit just because you looked. It’s a Win-Win people. As always, you can indulge in a pair of my used panties. Someone recently said it’s his new Covid 19 mask. That’s hilarious. I do love my pets. You can get yours here. You must visit my website: You’ll find my photo gallery, Videos of me set to great music, Short videos of real sessions, My store of sexy mementos, Online Sessions, and a Private Membership page that unlocks a more intimate side of Mistress Victory Von Stryker.

Mistress Victory’s Black Lace Hip Hugger

Black Lace Hip Hugger worn during this Session


Until we meet again, stay calm and wash your hands. Be good to yourselves, bitches! If you don’t know one else will.

Love Always,

Mistress Victory Von Stryker

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