The Wife and her Watcher

Side Two 😉

Hello my lovely minions. I hope you have read and enjoyed (clears throat😜) part 1 about peggy and henry. To remind you, peggy is bisexual and free to play with men and women. henry is a cuckold who firmly believes in Femdom. It’s his wife’s right to express herself however she feels because she is his superior and it’s his job to give her whatever she wants. Lucky lady, right? They’re both submissive but he is more so than peggy. peggy has dreamed of a session with a Real Dominatrix since she was in high school but never had a chance until they discovered me online. peggy enjoys bondage, submission, impact play almost to the point of masochism, E-Stim….. the list goes on and I do it all. So let’s jump back into this juicy session about the Wife and her Watcher, shall we?

I had peggy drooping in her bonds as she climbed towards sub space. Her back was red with stripes from my flogger and my cane. It was time to switch sides. I supported her weight as I released her from her chains. peggy sagged in my arms. I pulled her in close, allowing her head to rest on my shoulder. I ran my fingers through her short, blond locks. “I’ve got you. Rest here until you get some of your strength back. You’re doing such a good job. My pretty pet deserves a break. I held her tight, massaging her battered flesh while whispering soothing words of comfort. She clung to me, feeding on the warmth of my embrace. I kneaded the strained muscles of her neck and shoulders, as she molded herself to me. The vibrator in her butt droned in the background, a soundtrack to seduction. peggy nestled her face in the valley of my cleavage, absorbing my gentle ministrations. She relaxed into my body, soft moans ramping up as she enjoyed my fingers moving down her spine while the plug pleasured her asshole. “Go ahead. I know you want to.” I urged peggy to submit to temptation. I was well aware of her obsession with my breasts. Her eyes glowed with the need to taste my peaks. peggy licked my nipples as my hand traveled between her legs. Two fingers inside her pussy and two circling her clit had her grinding against me, straining for release. “Not yet.” I paused my fingering to give henry a better view. I wanted to be sure he saw his wife shuddering in my arms. peggy greedily suckled my tits as I rubbed her clit. I worked the hard little nub and in moments she convulsed against my thigh, soaking me in her juices. “How’d you like that, henry? I bet I made your wife cum harder than you ever did, and I’m just getting started.”

henry looked pitiful. Sweat coated his bald pate. Drool leaked from the gag in his mouth. He sat ramrod straight in his bondage chair, arms and legs spread wide, cock enclosed in an electric chastity cage. He nodded, because he knew it was true, his bulging eyes yearning for more. Gently, I laid peggy at the base of the cross so I could attend to her husband. I removed his gag, and he gasped. “Don’t be so dramatic. It was breathable. You had plenty of air. Don’t speak. Just sit there and do what I tell you.” I whacked the tops of his thighs with my cane. A few more smacks across his biceps for good measure. I wouldn’t have minded a few screams but the pathetic creature kept silent. I grabbed his testicles, hanging below the electric cage, and squeezed them like stress balls. henry yelped at my vice-like grip, giving me the shrieks I was after. I released him from the bondage chair. Never one to miss a chance at drama, henry made a show of sliding to the floor. Rolling my eyes, I said, “Don’t get too comfortable. I have something else in mind for you. Move over to the base of the cross where your bride is waiting. Kneel on the floor as close to that cross as you can get without touching it. Put your hands behind your back and wait for me there.” I kicked him in the ass with my pointy, knee high boot to get him moving.

Bondage Belt

The impotent cuck scuttled to the base like a roach, fearing more retribution. He hurried into place. I grabbed a few “gifts” and stalked my prey. Roughly, I lassoed his arms together with my leather bondage belt. Then I seized his chin. “Keep your eyes lowered while I make a few upgrades.” I presented what’s called a head-on harness. It’s buttery soft leather straps onto the sub’s face, under the nose, covering the mouth. Protruding from the oral area is a nice, thick dildo. Now, henry, you might have a cock worthy of your wife. Not me of course, but you may finally have something that pleasures the lovely peggy, if she bothers to let you touch her again. Stay there, on your knees like the bitch you are while I take care of her. I popped him across the meat of his shoulders, and again on the tops of his thighs while he knelt in supplication, eyes riveted to his reclining spouse.

I helped peggy to her feet. “You should be able to stand now. Get into position, facing me.” She did as she was told, stretching her arms and legs out for me to shackle. Once she was safe and secure, I stepped back to admire my canvas. peggy looked delicious splayed wide for my amusement. Her pert nipples stood at attention begging to be kissed, but now was not the time. Her mound glistened from the flood of her orgasm, her creamy skin waiting for my marks. Time to paint her red. Again I snagged my heavy, leather flogger, twisting it with a flourish. I struck hard and fast, pelting her body. The rasp of the leather left a crimson trail. I pounded her frame, drawing a figure 8 with the flogger’s knotted ends. peggy moaned nonsensical mutterings as I drove her to the very brink. I paused my attentions to choose a pair of E-stim nipple clamps for her rosy buds. I didn’t attach the leads yet because I wasn’t finished with dear peggy’s impact play. I didn’t want them getting in the way, but I promise you things are going to become electrifying for both peggy and henry before the night is through.

Peggy sighed as the clamps bit into her tender nubs. “You like that don’t you, babydoll?” Her smile was blissful. Her face lit up when she saw me nab my cane. I tapped the tip against her pinched nipples, intensifying the ache. peggy groaned, getting off on the torment. “Don’t you dare cum until I give you permission.” I reared back and whacked her delicate orbs, savage red welts rising at my command. “Oh yes! Mistress Victory make it burn. Please!” She begged so beautifully. How could I resist? The swoosh of the cane roared as I wielded my weapon like the Maestro I am. She wept in ecstasy as she soared towards real freedom. I glanced at henry. He trembled on his knees, his pores dripping with excitement, lustful keens escaping his mask. I was ready to make things just a little more shocking. I plugged the power box into his cock cage. I returned to the passionate peggy and connected her clamps to their power source as well. With a dial in each hand, I lit them up! Ah! A chorus of cries from submissive souls. Truly my favorite song. I placed electrode pads on henry’s balls and on each side of peggy’s vulva. “Sing, subs! Sing! Let me hear you!” Together, they wailed as they raised their voices in praise of their goddess

Wanna Taste Tempation?

The rest of the story is my secret to keep (or is it? 😘) Thanks, my friends, for journeying with me through the Dark Forest of Desire. Don’t be afraid to comment. I won’t bite, unless you beg. I have many more tales to tell and I do demand you join me. As always, Be good to yourselves because unless You do, no one else will. Click on the Banners below to discover cool stores with everything any BDSM lover needs. Visit my website to schedule your Online session with me. Make your Dreams a Reality Today: You can buy my used undies there just like you can on this blog 😍 It would be lovely if you would Subscribe to my Sexy Feed on for Pictures and Videos you won’t find Elsewhere

Until we meet again, All my love, Mistress Victory Von Stryker 💋❤ ☪

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  1. An interesting interlude. E-stim is an electrifying delight. Imagine if you will combining that with sight and sound deprivation? I can hardly hold back my imagination when a hard manly man is added to this scenario…too much to dream of?

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