Bend Over and Cough

The Doctor is In 😆😉👀😜

Hello my pets. We meet again. I’m so glad you’ve decided to join me once more on my journey through the Badlands of BDSM. If you been reading from the beginning you know how much I enjoy a good role play session. People who are into gaming or LARP understand where I’m coming from. As a matter of fact, gamers and BDSM go together quite well. I have more than a few clients who visit me to convert fantasy to flesh. This particular client obsessed about becoming a helpless victim in the hands of a Demented but Desirable Doctor. You met the Psychiatrist during Hypnosis with Cameron. Now, my dear minions, meet a different version of Dr. Victory Von Stryker. The Doctor is definitely In 😎

The Doctor is in her office preparing for her next appointment. She consults her calendar for notes regarding the patient. Oh yes, it’s time for Chad’s annual physical. Dr. Von Stryker tapped her pen against her knee as she pondered her last journal entry: caught subject attempting to look down my blouse again. Victory was aware she wasn’t your average physician. She knew she was flamboyant, a bit of an exhibitionist, even at work. Dr Victory loved her tight skirts and low cut blouses, but enough was enough. What happened to respect? She didn’t mind a few flirty glances or smiles of appreciation but blatant ogling would not be tolerated. She chuckled as an idea formed in her devious brain. She sterilized her tools and equipped her exam table with some surprises. She could hardly wait to teach Chad a lesson. When the Doctor heard the loud knock announcing his arrival, she was prepared to “turn the tables” in more ways than one. Heart revving like a race car, Victory welcomed her client.

Chad barreled through the door like a bull in a china shop. He hurriedly tossed his jacket across a nearby chair. He groused, “Can we get a move on here? I’ve got stuff to do and this is just an insurance formality.” Victory clenched her jaw before pasting on a pleasant facade. Lifting her chin, the Doctor stated, “Everything I need for you today is ready and waiting. The sooner you undress and get on the table, the sooner you can leave.” Huffing inwardly, Victory momentarily gave the unsuspecting fool his privacy. Thinking of Chad’s immediate future, Doctor Von Stryker calmed the angry storm brewing inside, returning to a place of peace as she put her plan into action. She stepped back into the exam room, and haughtily looked her patient up and down. Then she giggled. Doctor Von Stryker thought Chad was a handsome enough guy but his attitude set her on edge. He behaved as if he owned the world and everyone in it. Victory was anxious to prove that was just not so, starting with shaking his male vanity, and knocking him down a peg or two. (Can you say foreshadowing, students? 😉) His dirty, blond hair touched his collar, curling a bit at the ends. His green eyes were wide with lashes most women would kill for. His tanned body was toned to perfection and he knew it, however; Victory knew his insecurities. Chad was not tall. He stood around 5’8″. In her heels, the Doctor towered over him. He didn’t like it. He was worried about the size of his penis. On more than one occasion he’d asked Doctor Von Stryker if it was comparable to the other patient’s she saw. A completely inappropriate question asked repeatedly, revealing his size concerns. Victory was banking on using his fears against him.

The Doctor ignored Chad’s puzzled look. Pointing at her table, she directed, “Hop up on the end, here, and I’ll begin.” She loved how his feet dangled like a child’s, putting him at even more of a disadvantage, emphasizing his height deficit. Victory suppressed a snicker as she ordered, “Take a deep breath.” She placed the cold plate of her stethoscope on his bare chest, going through the motions that were now second nature after years as a medical professional. “Why in such a rush today?” Doctor Von Stryker pretended interest as she played at polite conversation. Chad avoided the Doctor’s stare, focusing on his toes. “I’ve got a tee time. I don’t want to miss it.” “Hmmm. I see. Didn’t we schedule this when you were here for your physical last year?” Disapproval apparent, Victory pointed her tongue depressor at his mouth, demanding, “Open wide! She shoved the wood as far as she dared. Smirking when he gagged on the small obstruction, Victory apologized sarcastically, “I’m so sorry. Accidents happen when we don’t take our time.” She tried not to giggle when she saw his shocked expression, continuing with her examination.

The Doctor pelted Chad’s knees with the little hammer meant to test his reflexes. From the way he jumped in surprise I’d say his reflexes were fine. Doctor Von Stryker used her Wartenberg wheel, running the teeth all down his legs, over the soles of his feet and the tips of his toes. Her patient wiggled away from the tickling sensation, as she instructed, “Jump down and bend over the table.” She made a show of donning a sterile, nitrile glove. Chad was confused. This was a different Doctor Von Stryker. She appeared much more forceful than usual. Not like her normal, easy-going manner. Chad didn’t question the Doctor’s motives. He quickly obeyed, wondering at his need to comply. He felt compelled to follow her every directive. Bemusement colored his features as he draped himself over the table, ass up. Suddenly, Doctor Von Stryker loomed behind him, shackles in hand. Before he knew what hit him, Chad found himself chained to the table with his butt in a very precarious position. His system was drenched in adrenaline! A strange mix of fear and excitement overwhelmed him. “What in god’s name has she got now? Is that a speculum?” His mind bombarded by horrifying images of what could be his fate…..He nearly passed out.

Victory could no longer contain her laughter. She cackled like a fiend. The power filling her body energized her like never before! She temporarily put aside her speculum to lube her gloved fingers. Then the Doctor spied Chad looking back, trying to see what she might be planning. She slapped him hard across his face, a vicious red, hand print already emerging. “Eyes forward! You don’t worry about what I’m doing back here. Your job is to do what I say! That’s it. Nothing else. Turn your stupid head back around and wait for my instructions! As a matter of fact, I’ll make sure you do!” Doctor Von Stryker brought out a medical posture collar and fastened it tightly around his throat. Chad couldn’t move his neck! He was stunned into silence! What was happening? Why was he so turned on? He was literally scared to death! What on earth would she do to him next? Anticipation coursed through his veins. Mysteriously, his dick grew hard!

Unfortunately Victory noticed his lengthening member. “Oh No! You don’t!” Her shout echoed through the office and she pounded his chubbie with her reflex hammer. Blow after blow, landing brutally along his poor penis until the Doctor was satisfied it was sufficiently limp. “Have no doubt, you belong to me. That includes your pitiful cock.” Chad cried, “Why, Doc? Why? I don’t understand why you’re doing this to me?” He sobbed pathetically but it was useless. Victory snorted. “You have no respect for other people, Chad. You believe your time is all that’s important. You think you rule the world. You better think again.” Doctor Von Stryker presented a pair of rubber tipped, forceps. One for each testicle. She attached the pinching tools to his hanging balls. Ignoring his anguished screams, “Victory declared, “I’m going to teach you a lesson or two. You will learn about respect.” She squeezed his aching nuts for emphasis.

Victory sneered, “You wanted to see something? Look at what I’ve got for you! You little bitch!” The Doctor stepped into Chad’s field of vision. Unzipping a black, leather kit, Victory described the instruments of torture she’d chosen just for this occasion. Eight stainless steel shafts laying on a bed of red velvet seemed a curiosity until Doctor Von Stryker shared her intentions for the rose-bud tipped devices. Terror flooded Chad’s brain as he envisioned a metal bulb entering his urethra. He shrieked, “No! Please don’t, Doc! I’m begging you!” Raising one brow, Victory mocked, “Relax, you little coward. You might like it. Now, take your medicine.” Panic gripped Chad’s gut as the Doctor returned to her patient’s shriveled penis. Chad never dreamed of such a thing! Unable to turn his head, barely able to move, he could only wait in utter dread, for the touch of cold steel. Goosebumps dotted his skin as he felt the thin metal slip inside the tip of his dick. An intense array of sensations overtook him as Victory experimented with the various sizes. Her joyous thrill in his humiliation more than evident. She hummed to herself as she plunged one more shaft down the abused tunnel.

Finally happy with her handiwork, urethra stretched and punished, Doctor Von Stryker informed her helpless victim, “I’m grabbing that speculum.” Chad cringed. Bathed in desperation but fueled by an unforeseen longing, he held his breath as the Doctor gaped his anus with the scary implement. One finger, then two wormed their way towards his prostate, manipulating the tiny gland with expert control. He panted as pain became passion. “You love it, don’t you?” Victory taunted her hapless slave. Strapping on a huge dildo, the Doctor positioned herself for entry and rammed nine inches of vibrating cock straight up his asshole. “Who owns you, little man?” Victory fucked him doggie style and he came in a crescendo, yelling, “Doctor Victory Von Stryker!” Later as her exhausted patient rested in a bubble of bliss, Victory inquired, “Pencil you in for the same time next year?”

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