What a Way to Begin a Wednesday!

Welcoming a New sub

Hello, my lovelies and Welcome back to my blog. I do believe I told you this story way back in the beginning, but I was new to blogging, and had no clue what I was doing 😉 I posted it in segments, little teases tempting your taste buds. Since I’m adding my Bedtime Stories with Mistress Victory audio files to my Online Store, I decided to do a rewrite. Here is the Complete Detailing of my Wild Wednesday Morning with a new, baby sub:

My morning may seem exciting to some and old hat to others, but I want to tell you all about how my day began. I got a call from a 25 yr old man who said he had always been curious about BDSM but was afraid to try it with an amateur. He saw my ad and thought he would finally experiment with a Professional he could trust to respect his limits. This kid had no experience, so he wasn’t sure of his pain levels. He wanted to start small and work his way up. It wasn’t a problem so we set the appointment for 10:00 a.m. I thought to myself, “What a great way to start a Wednesday!”

To prepare for our session I showered and chose my outfit. I decided to pile my mass of long, curly blond hair into a twist on the top of my head. I didn’t need it getting in the way. I picked my leather corset dress. On the phone, my new toy said he stands 6’4”. I’m pretty tall myself but I definitely wanted some extra height today to help define my Dominance. Out came the knee high boots with 6 inch heels. Finishing my make-up with a brush of smoky shadow, I collected my tools. I laid out my crop, paddle, and a feather tickler. I found my flogger and my clamps. A few drip candles, a butt plug, and I was ready to begin.

My newbie arrived right on time. I led him to the Dungeon and told him to undress and kneel on the floor. I pointed to the tools by the bedside table. “These are for you. I need a safe word. Do you have one in mind? I inspected my new prey while I waited for his reply. Mr. Imagination, he was not, so with a haughty shrug I said, “We’ll go with red, yellow, green.” Ultimately, he’s in control, but he didn’t know that yet. He was so nervous he was shivering. His cock at attention, rock hard; I led him to the four-poster bed and pushed him face down on the mattress. I positioned him in a wide sprawl, tied him up, and admired the length of his body. He was every woman’s dream. Oh Yes, he did not lie. He was tall, with thick black hair, magically muscled, and all mine to do with as I pleased. I smiled wickedly. He was so delicious I needed to feel him immediately so I decided to warm my new pet with a sensual massage. I coated my palms with a silky oil and smoothed it over his toned physique. His skin quivered under my finger tips, a bundle of nerves calming at my touch. “Shhhh…” I whispered in his ear. “Don’t be afraid.” He relaxed at my command, enjoying my hands on his skin, so I ceased my gentle exploring and reached for my flogger. I dangled the strands along his form, running it across the length of him. A little tickle to begin his journey. Then the whoosh of leather joined the roar of the band Avatar as lead singer Johannes screamed “Paint me Red” in the background.

I twirled my beloved flogger in a figure 8 pattern before pelting his back, lightly at first. I picked up the rhythm, my blows landing harder, reddening his flesh like juicy, ripe fruit. He moaned when I lashed his ass and balls. A definite sound of pleasure. I covered him in stripes from the tops of his shoulders to the soles of his feet. My newbie begged for more. I put aside my flogger and grabbed my paddle. Softly patting down his flank, traveling to his butt, I reached my destination and whacked him hard across the ass. A few more vicious cracks had him jumping in his ties, yelping, “Oh Yes Please Give Me More!” I gave him what he asked for, inflaming that back-side. “Don’t rush it, newbie. There’s a lot more to come. Slow down and breathe.” Trailing my nails through the red rivulets decorating his frame, feeding on his anguished cries like a succubus. “ Oooh, that must burn,” I teased. I snagged my Ostrich feather wand, swiping it along his crack, brushing his sack before, whirling it over his toes. He twisted and turned, giggling like a toddler, but couldn’t escape my tickle torture. My new toy sighing with pleasure with each pass of the feather. Donning a pair of sterile gloves, I bathed my hands in lube. One digit, then two, twisting inside his anus, searching for that little gland I knew so well. I worked my finger in and out of his hole, loosening the way for bigger and better things. “Oh Mistress! Please don’t stop!” I chuckled, answering, “I think you really like this, but roll over onto your back. The fun’s just beginning.”

Spread-eagle and restrained, eyes wide and shining bright, my new plaything was ready and waiting. “Look what I’ve got.” I taunted, showing him the clamps in my hands. “These are for your nipples and balls.” I warned as the teeth bit his tender meat. He hissed at the new sensation. His cock rose like a beacon and I swatted it with my riding crop! “Down, boy!” I slapped the clamps for good measure, ramping up the searing burn. “Oh Yeah!” My newbie wailed. I lit a red, drip candle, splashing the wax over tender bits. “Red, yellow, or green?” I questioned, checking in as his eyes rolled back in his head. “Greeeeeeeeeeen!”, he sobbed so I turned things up a notch. Lubing up my remote controlled, butt plug, I shoved it home, setting the vibration to a low, steady hum. Groaning in harmony, reaching for bliss, my new sub was certainly fun to play with. I raised the dial and returned to my flogging. Strike after strike painting a path to sub-space. His screams of ecstasy music to my ears. “You’ve been such a good boy. You deserve a treat!” I stroked his swollen shaft until it burst like lava in my palm. “Thank you, Mistress Victory!”, he shouted, showing me just how much he appreciated my time. I released him from his chains in more ways than one, soothed his aching limbs, and left him to rest in peace.

Thank you for joining me in my journey through the Wild and Wonderful World of BDSM. Keep walking with me because there’s lots more where this came from. As I mentioned, there’s a New Addition to my Online Store: Bedtime Stories with Mistress Victory. My first offering is available now. Listen to me, in my own words, as I describe Spanking Susannah. Buy my used undies worn during these sessions you love reading. Experience the Essence of Victory for yourself!

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